September 11, 2012

Diablo Tequila

So, work's started up, which means less blogging for me!  On the other hand, The Husband will be deploying soon, which means more blogging, so it will average out, right?  We'll see!  In other news, my BlogMommy Stacey has resurrected her food blog and can now be found at Om-nom sauce!

Last weekend I was hanging out at our favorite restaurant, chatting with the bartender.  I was enjoying my favorite Diablo martini, and the conversation turned to the epic amount of cayennes I've been harvesting this summer (seriously, anyone want a foot or three of dried cayennes?).  He showed me the tequila he uses for the margarita, home-infused with a whole mess of spicy peppers and chilis, and I decided that I simply HAD to try this at home!

Two days ago I sliced about a dozen small cayennes and dumped them, seeds and all, into about 300ml of tequila.  Today the tequila already has a fine bite and I think that in a few days it will be ready for margarita time!