July 12, 2010

Simply Silver

I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, but it was late, I was hungry, and all I had was our little "boat camera."

Anyway, if you've never fished before, here is the best reason to start: fresh fish.  And by fresh I mean "swimming around just a few hours ago, straight from the fillet knife to the grill" fresh.

We'd just spent the day out in Resurrection Bay and beyond, fishing for halibut and coho.  Then we spend a while cleaning our catch and we were exhausted, but one bite of this and we came back to life.  Seriously, it tasted like king crab.  I swear it did.  Best salmon I've had in my life.  And as an added bonus, easy-peasy to make.

After you catch it, that is!

1 fresh salmon fillet, skin on

Sprinkle the flesh side with salt and pepper.  Place skin side down on the grill.  Cook until flesh flakes nicely with a fork.


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