January 16, 2009

Meat Sauce

Nothing better than pasta with a good meat sauce! This recipe is based off of my Uncle Carl's sauce, but I've added a few twists of my own.


1 lb ground sausage
1 lb spicy ground sausage
1 slab baby back ribs, cut into individual rib pieces
1 stick pepperoni, diced
3 28 oz cans diced tomatoes, Italian flavored
1 29 oz. can tomato sauce
16 to 18 oz tomato paste
2 cloves fresh garlic, minced
3 T Italian seasoning
2 to 6 T olive oil
2 t sugar – add more to your taste
4 fresh or 2 dried bay leaves
2 t each salt and pepper or to your taste.
Dash of cayenne pepper

Brown the sausage in a skillet and set aside. Slice the ribs apart, rub with salt and pepper, and brown them as well. Add the garlic and cook for a few minutes.

Transfer to a large pot and add in the sausage and pepperoni. Add tomatoes and tomato sauce. Stir well and add Italian seasoning, some of the sugar and bay leaves as well as the cayenne. Then add the paste. Stir very well and let simmer for several hours. Adjust the seasonings to taste.

The sauce is done when the rib meat has fallen off the bones. Remove the bones and the bay leaves.

Take a handful of kale and slice it a few times. Toss it in the skillet with a bit of oil and a spoonful of sauce and sautee for a few minutes. Stir into the sauce and serve over fresh pasta.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting additions. Also it is a reminder to me that I need to make up a new batch. Also have to make up a double batch of Dom DeLuise' Dom's Mom's Meatballs. They are the best I've ever made.
    When I make up the sauce I use a Dutch Oven and instead of simmering on the stove (where I often burn the bottom) I let it cook for a few hours in a 350 oven.

    Uncle Carl